Women’s Course

The Gift of Womanhood

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tarčin Forest Resort & Spa


♡ This special gathering is designed
to honor woman’s identity
to nurture her creative individuality
to promote her inner empowerment
to enhance her well-being.

♡ This course is for every woman who wants to unlock her inner strength, dignity, radiance and grace.

Guru Rattana discusses how to:
Understand woman’s basic design, which gives her the capacity to live in abundance, to be loved and respected and to attract to her what she needs and the ability to retain her power, to avoid being used or creating problems for herself.
Explore the four special facets of a woman’s identity and learn how to release the illusions and to empower the gifts of each
Expose and find resolution to woman’s hidden agendas that sabotage her success and happiness
Activate woman’s power of prayer and build her creative, healing space of love
Guru Rattana addresses the basic issues faced by women and teaches you how to redirect your energy and attention:
to heal your mother and father issues
to unleash your creativity and tap your unique gifts
to build an inner foundation of self-trust and self-love
to embrace your beauty and destiny as a woman of the world
Whatever your issue, you can generate resolution when you have a conscious relationship with the dynamics of both the stable/male and the flowing/female polarities of your soul.
This retreat is like none other:
♡ Step out of the maze of external responsibilities and distractions for 10 days and give yourself a chance to find your authentic identity as a unique woman in the world.
♡ Enjoy a life-changing experience in Guru Rattana’s presence as she offers her original and liberating approach to the transformation of a woman’s psyche.
♡ Guru Rattana’s work on inner awareness training adds depth to the way Kundalini Yoga is taught and offers profound insights into woman’s empowerment. 
♡ This workshop is must for every woman wishing a deeper understanding of her feminine nature and desiring to teach Kundalini Yoga in a softer, yet impactful feminine style.

Accommodation and MealsIn single, double and twin rooms according to your choice. Buffet Breakfast, light Lunch and Buffet Dinner

What to take with you
A yoga mat, clothes (preferably white or light colors), comfortable shoes for outside walking (sneakers), hygiene items, bathing accessories to visit the pool and spa. And also everything that you usually take on trips.
How to get to the Hotel
By car
Get to Sarajevo, then from Sarajevo take highway A1, direction Mostar and drive along until the exit Tarčin. Take the Tarčin exit and turn the left towards Tarčin. Keep the road next 2 miles and follow the sign Tarčin Spa and Forest Resort.
By airplane
Sarajevo International Airport, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will arrange transportation to the hotel. Travel time 30 minutes, cost 10-30 euros (depending on a number of persons in a car or minivan).
About the Place
Ideally located halfway between Sarajevo and its mountain tops, surrounded by the Olympic Mountains with their rivers and lakes, Tarčin Forest Resort & Spa features 55 hotel rooms with balconies, beautiful Yoga room with the mountain view, a stylish panoramic restaurant, luxury spa and wellness oasis, swimming pool, fitness centre, children playground, quad rides and guided mountain trails.
The hotel is a harmonious blend of traditional elements with all conveniences of modern technology. This curvy multi-layered architecture, combining soothing earth tones and elegant furnishings, promises guests an unforgettable holistic and well -being experience.
The participants of the training will have an opportunity to relax and release tension, tune in to themselves and discover the internal mechanisms of physical and spiritual healing and awakening.